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squibbles ink, Inc. Squibbles INK is a Chicago-based product design, development and sourcing company established in the late 90s. Simply put they are in the business of making stuff. Owner Joseph Somers is an artist and entrepreneur. He is always driven to push the balance of creativity with the rigorous demands of product manufacturing. The real challenge in development and sourcing is figuring out a way to efficiently make a product so that it is both desirable and affordable. This basic principle is observed whether making Halloween costumes and components for one of the scare industry's top end producers, or developing an everyday widget sold in hardware stores. Squibbles's past is tied directly to vintage collectible toys, candy and pop culture novelties including developing the Giant PEZ™ and other licensed properties. Past licenses include PEZ, Peanuts, Disney, The Simpsons, MLB and more.

So, what is a Rotofugi? Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery is located on the border of Chicago's Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods in a beautiful vintage building. Since opening in July 2004 Rotofugi has grown to become one of the world's premier sellers of designer toys from artists all over the world. Rotofugi features a diverse selection of vinyl figures, capsule toys, original art, plush and more from both eastern and western designers. The adjoining Rotofugi Gallery features monthly art exhibits by a range of both local and internationally known artists.

I bet you can guess where this is going... In 2007 Squibbles INK and Rotofugi formed an agreement to begin producing and distributing artist-designed toys. Our goal is to showcase the many talented artist and designers located in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Since our start we have expanded to include people from all over the US.

In January of 2008 squibbles ink + rotofugi celebrated this effort with the release of their first joint product; Ninjatown Micro Plush. A blind box series of twelve different small plush toys based on characters created by local Chicago character designer and friend Shawnimals.


Here is a quick look at some other stuff we have done…

64 Colors is an awesome husband-and-wife design team who's art is like a treasure map to a confectionary wonderland. Fresh, sweet-toothed friends sprout along the path and act as guides into a fairy-tale forest. It is a world where pineapples dance, acorns go on adventures, and kittens eat ice cream. At the center of this magical place, is Marshall, 64 Colors' signature marshmallow character. Marshall's mutiny of cuteness began with a letterpress print in 2008, and he quickly bounced into the third dimension as a successful vinyl toy series created by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi.