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Inked Pulp is a special project of Squibbles INK dedicated to producing limited edition art and design prints and graphics. Three basic objectives help to define the mission for the Inked Pulp projects.

I. To offer affordable art that is rich and varied in style.
II. To showcase a wide variety of artist and designers from all over the world.
III. To explore many different styles of printmaking and graphic imaging.

The end result is art that pushes the vision of artist and expresses the unique elements of the graphic medium.

Artist Action Pens & Key Fobs

This is a fun ongoing series of limited edition novelties that feature floaty pen products. For anyone unfamiliar with "floaties" just imagine them as tiny animated dioramas. Often the moving image inside will appear and disappear or sometimes change from one object to another.

Letterpress prints

To date all of the fine art print releases have been Letterpress prints designed by various Midwest artist and printed by hand on a Vandercook IV letterpress.



Brian Morris


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